A Vaporous Collection of Moments - Mad rants on subjects too ridiculous to ignore

Short Stories and Essays on the Absurdities of Life
Do you have enormous difficulty with your clothing? Does your cat think you’re stupid? Do you find history, holidays, travel, and even fruit funny? A Vaporous Collection of Moments is the author’s 3rd short story collection and contains 75 separate essays and stories about the absurdities, and hilarity, of everyday life. They include individual vignettes about the oddities of daily life.
What others would say about this book, if they were living:
“I came, I saw, I read!” - G.J. Caesar
“Sic semper tyrrific!!” - J.W. Booth
“I am not a pastry!” - L.H. Oswal

The Author
Dominic Macchiaroli is an author living in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been writing his entire life, and has published three books of short stories and essays, putting a humorous slant on topics like marriage, politics, history, house pets, even holiday recipes. Dom is a property manager by trade, and is the married father of two adult children.
His books are entitled My Parakeet was an Anarchist (2009), Skateboarding on the Appian Way (2010), and A Vaporous Collection of Moments (2013). Dom is available for interviews day and night. His email address is macco@q.com, and on Facebook at The Dom Macchiaroli Writing Page.
His work has appeared in such places as Long Story Short, Apollo’s Lyre, Storiesville, Editred, Short Humour Site, Fictionaut, Writer’s Café, Paradise Valley Independent, Salon, People of Few Words, Volume 3. and various online publications.

“An amazing maze of amusement”

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