Not common sense, not rocket science - a challenging, non-jargonistic and practical book.

Training and supporting the care force - that's nearly all of us!
By Maggie Kindred 

Carers literally blossom when they are offered non-jargonistic, practical training and support. This book is about helping carers to recognise and value the skills they already possess, and develop these - from this comes an unbelievable amount of support, as well as making all kinds of everyday experiences more interesting and enjoyable.
This book therefore helps carers to
- recognise and value the skills they already possess
- develop these skills through applying theory to everyday situations
- understand the complex social welfare background of today, since knowledge is power
- be equipped to work with people who have very different backgrounds and experience from their own
- deal with jargon!

Author Maggie Kindred says “My career took me through teaching, social work and practice teaching, to Kindred Games and
I enjoy working with students who may be new to adult education, have learning or mental health difficulties, or have had bad experiences in the classroom. The working lives of a whole range of social carers can be enriched by a small amount of productive training, if this is delivered in a non-jargonistic way, emphasizing the skills they already possess instead of the theories they don't!”
Adage of Kindred Games and Books 'Take the material seriously, but don’t take yourself!' too seriously’.
“a valuable book for the caring profession”


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