Memoir of World War II paratrooper Clancy Lyall – pulsating with many behind the scenes details and photos

The official biography of Clancy Lyall, member of the “Band of Brothers”, made famous by Steven Spielberg's and Tom Hanks' 2001 TV-series and Stephen Ambrose's book bearing the same name.  It's Clancy's story in his own words about World War 2, Korea and Indochina, as he witnessed it. Written by his close friend, journalist Ronald Ooms.

Author Ronald Ooms says “Clancy Lyall was a true friend who gave me the chance of a lifetime to fulfil my childhood dream.  And that dream was to write a book some day.  As a kid, I did not know at the time what my future book would be about and when Clancy offered me to write his story some two decades later I knew it was an offer I couldn't refuse...  I truly hope I've done him justice with his official biography called 'Silver Eagle', which was also his Cherokee Indian name.  Sadly my dear friend Clancy passed away in March 2012.”

Ronald Ooms is a 34 year-old Belgian author.  He worked for almost a decade as a youth worker for numerous socio-cultural non-profit organizations. Since his childhood he has been interested in everything related to World War II thanks to the stories told by his grandparents.  For more than a decade he travelled to historic places relating to the War whenever possible.  Some years ago he became a qualified journalist and started to write for a local newspaper.  His close friendship with Clancy Lyall over the years resulted into the writing of the book, Silver Eagle. He's also got a passion for motor-sports and hopes to write something about F1 Racing one day.  Ronald is available for interviews, even abroad.  Should the distance be too far or he can't make the trip, he would gladly do a telephone conference.  He resides in the city of Geel in the north of Belgium.
“Pulsating war memoirs of unsung hero”

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