Be Seated ...Short Stories For The Smallest Room. A unique assortment of witty tales. Take your pick or a plunge - you won’t be disappointed

Better than a newspaper.
Better than your usual reading material.
Better than contemplating your kneecaps.
Why be bored? Why be alone in there? This delightful book of short stories is brimming with amazing tales of humour, adventure, crime, love, horror, science fiction, fantasy and chance.
The short stories and monologues in this book are snapshots of experiences, thoughts, people and places. They are just the right length to be read at a sitting and suit that most lonely of personal occasions. Enjoy some light entertaining reading whilst nature takes its course. You know it makes sense....

Author John White says “This book of short stories represents some of the ideas dreamt up over the last four and a half years of my life since retirement. Long walks in the fresh air with a pen and notebook were my only companions. I hope you find the results worthwhile.”

“Pick and choose while nature takes its course”

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