"...All together a brilliant read ...difficult to put down." A review of 'Onwards and Upwards'

"As I said in my review of 'Dane Mills Bosley' Chris Pownall and I were in the same class at secondary school in the mid 1950s but this is not the reason why I have given it a 5 star rating.
This is the third book of Chris Pownall that I have read and I think that it is the best. Some of the stories in it are 'howlers'. From his fear of hospitals and the 'white coat' syndrome to his caravanning exploits which are hilarious, and his pet hates. I think that most of us will associate themselves with some of these stories but Chris has had the courage to put them in writing. I particularly liked his smokey barbecue which nearly sent the rest of the campsite to hospital and the way that he 'jumped the queue' of those waiting in the National Trust car park; clever that.
He also takes you on memorable days out with his family - up in a Glider over Leek and a trip to Dublin. However, I particularly enjoyed the descriptive detail of his trips to China in May 2009 and Australia in January 2010. I felt as if I was there on the journey with him and viewing all of the sights and hearing all of the sounds. He concludes by giving a potted history of some of the people who he has met and who have influenced his life. I personally knew one of them and can confirm that the content is correct. All together a brilliant read which I found difficult to put down. I can’t wait for the next book by Chris Pownall."
Clive Wright, Congleton Cheshire

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