A Fearful Madness A gripping murder mystery - the 15th crime novel in the Julius Falconer Series

If you think that religion, sex, the aristocracy and mystery might make a good crime novel, TRY THIS ONE!
A police investigation into the violent death of a part-time cathedral verger stalls for lack of incriminating evidence. However, three people have a close interest in clearing the matter up where the police have failed: the dead man’s sister, anxious to see justice done, and two of the police suspects, both released without charge but keen to clear their names...

Author Julius Falconer says “Whodunnits these days come in enough different forms to suit every reader’s taste: enormous variety has been introduced since the ‘golden age’ of British crime-writing of the 1920s and 1930s. There has arguably, however, been a tendency to ‘tell a good story’ at the expense of the wider richness of the genre. So with Falconer the reader gets added value – resonances in all sorts of areas of human experience, including philosophy, music, mathematical codes, politics, poetry, travel, religion, educational theory, linguistics and history, to stimulate the jaded palate.”

Julius Falconer completed six enjoyable years of university studies abroad before working as a translator back in the UK. Thinking that he could earn more as a teacher, to fund his lavish life-style, he took a PGCE at Leeds University and duly turned to teaching. He slaved away at the chalk-face for twenty-six long years in both Cornwall and Scotland before retiring to grow cabbages in Yorkshire, where he still lives. His wife of thirty-three years died in 2000. He has one daughter, married. In 2009, looking to fill his new-found leisure profitably, he started to write detective novels and is still happily scribbling away fifteen books later. He is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association.

“Murder mystery in a whirlpool of money, sex and power”

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