"This was an interesting read."

Playing Havoc, partly based on fact, partly a black comedy, describes one small British island’s battle to maintain some normality in the chaos after a coronal mass ejection, seen through the eyes of one man who had only recently moved there with the very intention of getting some peace.

The Review: "Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the work of Steve Morris. It is very refreshing to read a story apart from the main stream, everyday context. The storyline is interesting in a way that makes you actually think about all that could and would go wrong. Giving you a better concept of not only the things and people around you, but of yourself as an individual. The main character is a likable sort of fellow, if not a little detached from the world around him. He grows as a person in his perceptions of the people and things around him. More importantly, he learns a lot about his inner self. This book not only deals with the relationships you have with others, but the relationship and understanding you have of yourself. The storyline is solid and very realistic. This story gives everyone who reads it food for thought. This was an interesting read. I can actually imagine the things in the story coming to pass. I'm very fortunate to have had the chance to read this book"
A review by Mechele, the Read For Your Future blog.

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