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"At the end of this book I felt I had lost a friend. This travelogue, which follows in reverse the route taken around Ireland by H.V. Morton  80 years earlier is a compulsive read.
It is a personal evaluation of Ireland’s colourful and turbulent history.
The book spans time from 2000 BC to present day; a veritable time machine encompassing Irish history, music, literature and culture.

It evaluates stark poverty in the north, comfortable affluence in the south via European funding; the violence of the I.R.A. and the Black and Tans; the peace and calm of Irish music and verse.
All this within magical, magnificent, majestic and inspirational coastline, crags, hills and dales, lakes and fairy glades.

John Butler’s careful and considered comparison with Ireland today against Morton’s observations in the 1930s reveal interesting anecdotes which particularly relate to an island culture.
The sights, sounds and smells of Ireland are set in high relief by his personal experiences with its people.
This journey is well researched and very enjoyable.

Following in Morton’s footsteps the author not only brings us up to speed with Ireland today but also encourages us to investigate the Emerald Isle ourselves.
No stone is left unturned in this Travelogue. Even the incredibly dangerous task of hanging upside down to kiss the Blarney Stone is not ignored.
We follow the author up the steep spiral staircase to reach it.
We share the Rocky Road to Dublin taking in exhilarating scenery and Ireland’s very own rural incense; ‘the smoke of turf fires’.

Ireland has links with Yorkshire. Newry is linked with Haworth. Patrick Bronte, father of the famous sisters, had a great grandfather who farmed near Newry.
Other literary greats include Lawrence Sterne, Trollope, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.

We cannot ignore the terrible rift caused in 1641 by the Ulster rebellion when Irish catholic farmers were evicted from their land by English protestant landowners. This book helps us to understand Irish frustration and aggression. It provides communication; it builds bridges of respect and understanding.

‘In Search of Ireland Again’ reveals a land of romance and beauty in spite of its troubles; it entrances with its magical tales, scenery, fascinating history and its people.
This is a guide book to treasure and trust. It will lead us on an exciting and memorable journey across the Irish Sea."
Irene Truman

*Irene Truman has been a member of the Bronte Society for fifteen years and has written critical reviews for the Bronte Gazette. She is a professional teacher for musicians and a steward and tour guide at Harewood House.

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