'Sharks That Walk on Land' | 'To Boldly Go' - Readers' personal note to the author, Ron Palmer

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book: ‘Sharks That Walk on Land’ and I finished reading it yesterday as I could not put it down. Well done."
Captain (Navy) Cedric Steele MsM, CD.

" Just finished your book 'Sharks That Walk on Land', and I'm writing to say how much I have enjoyed it. Needless to say it is one of those books that one wishes would never end, and I must say that I have never read a better book on this subject."
Dave. (Dr. Naismith)

"Re: To Boldly Go. What an adventure. It was so interesting to read about all your tribulations and moments of joy as you sailed the seas despite the frustrations, time and money it often caused you."
Pam Brookes, Mission BC.

"Re: To Boldly Go. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your writing and admired your courage to do such a journey and overcome so many obstacles that a life at sea must present. I also really appreciated the little history lesson and quote at the beginning of the chapters." - Thanks, Keinan.

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