How do you cope in a complete black-out with no electronic device?

Playing Havoc
By Steve Morris

Just how would we cope in the event that every electronic device on our planet was rendered useless in an instant? If all electric power, industry, basic utilities, transport and the very communications that we all take for granted were zapped in a moment, how would life carry on? What skills do we possess to help us rebuild life from its very foundations? Find out how the people of a small island managed to survive. Find out more

Author Steve Morris says “Playing Havoc is a story based on fact. CMEs occur on average around once a century. The last event like this fried the world’s early telegraph network at a time when we still travelled by horse and cart. There are a few more electronic gadgets around these days … and you know how you feel when only one of them lets you down. We are now overdue for the next solar flare!”

“An intriguing black comedy with a sci-fi twist”

Paperback | Waterstones | Amazon UK

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