A Review of 'Resonate' by Derek Purnell, Urban Presence.

Resonate is a great little book, the genius of it is that Terry Durose keeps things simple (though not simplistic)!  Sharing our faith should be one of the most natural things we do but fear and specialised approaches from experts can make it appear beyond our ability.  This book provides adequate information to increase our understanding and sufficient encouragement to increase our confidence.  Much of the encouragement comes from a very incarnational human attitude, working from a position of weakness and vulnerability - we do the human bit and leave God to do the Divine!
One of strengths of this book is that it is not prescriptive and it does not provide us with all the solutions, neither does it attempt to solve all the problems we may encounter in sharing our faith, it assumes that the Holy Spirit is there to help us.  There are gaps in this book, ones that can only be resolved by experience.  Evangelism is a practical subject and we need to practice it to get more proficient.  This book provides enough direction to help us on our way.
Derek Purnell

*Derek Purnell, BA MPhil is a an Urban Ministry Consultant with Urban Presence, his work also includes developing and teaching Urban Ministry courses. He Pastored an inner city church for an number of year and now is a member of a small Missional Community.
Terry Durose is the author of 'Resonate'

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