A review of Julius Falconer Series: ‘Mr. Carrick Is Laid To Rest’

Here is another baffling and highly enjoyable, Inspector Wickfield case.
The Worcestershire C.I.D detective again has Sergeant Spooner’s able assistance.
However he needs nothing short of a crystal ball to get to the bottom of this strange affair. Fortunately, when he’s tested his brain to its utmost, and run himself ragged into the bargain, with very few positive results, Wickfield is not too proud to talk things over with Beth, his inspirational and long-suffering spouse. He calls her his muse. She is one step removed from the investigation and thus able to zone in on a piece of information he may have treated too lightly or simply overlooked.
The story revolves around the apparent suicide of a male teacher in a private girls’ school. It seems the coroner’s verdict of suicide would put an end to speculation. But question marks arise when a local man comes forward with new information to cast disturbing light on the death.
Nothing is quite as it seems and involves the detective in a lot of foreign air miles, as he tries to uncover the true facts. Was the dead teacher quite the ordinary, respectable citizen he portrayed to his colleagues, or did he lead a double life?
The story is intriguing, as there are suggestions of an international art-dealer cartel and gangster involvement, beautiful young women and many false trails.
Assuming the reader is armed with all the information Stan Wickfield has at his command, it is quite possible to work out your own conclusions. Long before I reached the final page, my own ‘virtual jail’ was full to bursting with guilty prisoners. Unfortunately I got them all wrong. Nevertheless, it was good fun and a damned good read.
Harry Riley
Paperback | Waterstones | Amazon UK


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