A Review of 'A Long Journey Back' by Meggie Latham - Thame

This book is a story of survival but unlike other similar works, I found its lack of sentimentality very pleasing. Chris gives a real picture of his struggle to cope with his son’s situation, not always as perfectly as he would have liked. He describes his struggle to work out how to behave in the face of something new and terrifying.
It is a work about a parent’s worst nightmare, but Chris’s description of his experience of watching his son’s potential destruction and his fight back to a satisfying life, very different from his old one, is moving and gripping. The bravery and determination of the whole family, an ordinary and happy one until this tragedy, is amazing.
It was refreshing that Chris attached no blame or criticism of the health care received and only thanks and appreciation for what happened. The insightful and honest ‘voices’ of both Chris and his son Rob, threading through the book kept me reading. I would recommend this book as an uplifting and inspiring book, even though the situation is sad.

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