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"Julius Falconer has managed to create a character, that is so real that the reader can see him in their minds, Falconer has made his characters so realistic it really feels like you are part of the book and involved in solving the mysteries. All of the inspector Wickfield books are intriguing murder mysteries with a fallible detective that doesn’t solve the crime in an afternoon, each one bringing a different mystery to solve. Think Miss Marple or Moorse and your on the right track, although these books are not as light as the TV programs, they are not like modern day gore. Each book gives the reader a job to do and clues along the way. These are excellent novels that are not in sequence and can be read in any order. Each book set in another area means that the reader doesn’t get bored with so many mysteries in one place and with an realistic-ness that ensures Inspector does not cover the same mysteries."

The Author: Julius Falconer, scion of an ancient (but unfortunately modest) York family, went to school in Leicestershire, studied for five years in Italy and finally, after working as a translator, qualified as a teacher in Leeds. He then taught Religious Education and philosophy at schools in Cornwall and Perthshire. Now that he is retired and able to divide his time between Yorkshire and rural France, his hobbies include walking, gardening, music and reading. His black-eyed Irish wife sadly died many years ago – the greatest loss of his life - leaving him at the mercy of his married daughter. His greatest moment was when he was introduced to a guest at a party, some years ago, and was greeted by the astonished question, ‘What, not the Julius Falconer?’.

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