"An insightful book about reading"

A review by Grahame Howard*, author of the popular children's series - 'The Wishing Book'
"If you are not a reader, you soon will be after reading this very good book from Yomi Akinpelu. Yomi has the knack in being able to inspire and encourage reading of books. In fact, she brings a whole new meaning to why we should read and what we can receive from spending time within pages of well written books, whether fiction or non-fiction. For myself, I like to ‘get lost’ in a good fictional read and perhaps become the hero. I also have received much knowledge from studying good texts in order to gain qualifications. All of this has been reinforced by reading Yomi’s title. This is a book that will bring you insight into why we read and what we can get from this. It will also bring encouragement to dust that book off and make time to read it. It will bring you immense pleasure as you just allow Yomi to show you the way to enjoy reading."

*Grahame Howard is the author of the following four books: The Wishing Book 1, The Wishing Book 2 - Return To Mars, The Wishing Book 3 - Extermination and All Bagged Up.



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