Eccentric and Ecclectic. An exhilarating review of Jumble Tales

Jumble Tales by Steve Morris
By S. Shove "Ecobitch" (Cardiff)

An ecclectic collection of tales that show how fickle Fate and Luck can be, this collection is cram packed with what ifs and if onlys and with each tale being the perfect length for a quick read at the bus stop, waiting in line or if you have a spare five minutes this is a superb book to have in your bag, just in case.

Each tale has its own character based on dark humour, gritty real life and even a touch of romance and they even manage not to feel like short stories that rush to get everything but instead guide the reader through at a leisurly pace to ensure maximum enjoyment and impact. Morris writes in a very easy and accessible manner that a wide variety of readers will enjoy and this collection has a little tale for everyone, be you the hardened football fan, the old romantic, the action lover, the dark comedian or the cutting edge scientist.

It's very hard to pick my favourite(s) out of this collection and I have been racking my brains to make a decision. The scientist in me thoroughly enjoyed 'Like A Bad Penny' and 'Signal, Mirror Manoeuvre', while the action fiend loved 'Dead Eye'. But the darker side to my sense of humour found 'Achilles' utterly superb and just subtle enough for it to haunt you a little afterwards and make you wonder while 'Out of Range' really got my cynical side out showing how reliant on modern technology we all are and how ultimately it means very very little.

Overall a superb collection, well written and thought out with a mix of subtle and explosive endings, some of which creep up on you while others hit you square in the face. A great read, whether one story at a time or the whole book on a sunday afternoon.

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  1. I read this book very recently and have actually posted a review on Amazon. Cheers for a good time Steve.


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