OTOLI - A sleek addictive tale

A review by A Cheshire Lad (Rural Cheshire, UK)
As someone who has worked one-to-one with victims of serious bullying for some time, I was particularly eager to read Bryony Allen's new novel "OTOLI". Bullying is serious cancer that can affect the entirety of youngsters' lives if left untreated. It is a subject that needs to be handled seriously and sensitively.
Following her razor-witted first novel "Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector", Bryony Allen, a teacher herself, uses more of her classroom experience to venture into the "Young Adult" book sector with this polished outing. Told simultaneously from the perspectives of intertwined victims' often difficult experiences fitting in to the social jungle both inside and outside of school, "OTOLI" is bang up-to-date for her target audiences.
Sleek and paced for the modern market and far from a Stephen King "Carrie"-type revenge tale, "OTOLI" takes quite an unusual path that will appeal to teens, while I hope at the same time will give adults an insight into the minds of young victims who feel they are not being listened to and have nowhere to run.
In addition to being a quality novel, a portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will go to the important charity, Bullying UK.

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