"Every story is different, you won't find two similar ones." - Magdalena's goodreads review

"The book contains 30 short stories. Every story is different, you won't find two similar ones. They are interesting and during the read you have no idea how they will end. Stories concern every part of everyday life. They are about ordinary people which we can identify with. In the stories we see that nothing is sure in life and we have to grab the opportunities while we can because only moments later they are gone and we are stuck with regrets or consequences of the wrong choice . The author shows us what people are capable of doing to fulfill their dreams or reach their goals. Every short story is unique. Although the stories are only few pages long they give you something to think about after you're finished. I found it difficult to read one story after another, simply because I was still stuck thinking about the previous one. The stories are especially perfect when you have only a little free time and you want to read something but don't want to disrupt your reading e.g in the middle of the chapter. I really enjoyed reading it." 

Paperback | Waterstones | Amazon UK


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