An explorer's review of John Butler's 'travelogue 'In Search Of Ireland Again'.

"I have just completed my second reading of 'In Search of Ireland Again' and feel I must say how much I have enjoyed doing so. I lived and worked in Ireland (mostly in the north) for a couple of years around 1950 and did quite a bit of exploring and looking around. However, it took your book to show me that I hardly covered the smallest fraction of the place, even geographically let alone all the interesting histories you quoted.
H.V.Morton can rest easy in your continuation of the number of the places to see and enjoy. On my next reading, I intend to use my road - map to identify more accurately just where all these interesting little places fit - it may be that I have actually visited them but can't remember. I just wanted to thank you for bringing back some of my youthful exploits - happy days!! "
Jean Singleton
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John Butler is the author of 'In Search Of Ireland Again'.


  1. A very Interisting dip into ireland past and present

    1. Thanks for your comment, the book provides an excellent coverage of Ireland. The author is a great writer and has written another splendid book titled,
      Serendipity, a daring dip of short stories


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