"A great book to read when on holiday." Review by Peter Hodgson

They're all foreigners abroad | Travel / Humorous

"If anybody is an expert on Brits antics abroad then that person is Stuart Wright.
The author's life experiences are in full bloom in this offering of diverse, funny stories. His A to Z of recollections and anecdotes range from mildly amusing to hilarious. You are bound to recognize yourself in there somewhere. (I hate to say this but  I am one of those people who go online to check my emails; and yes I do miss my dog when I'm on holiday abroad.) The author also offers sound advice along the way and his post comments admirably round off each jocular entry.
You will find Stuart's wit relentless as his humour spills from the pages. It is quite an achievement to write so much that is so funny. The best side-splitting entry for me came under 'Squeaky mattresses . . .'
Nuff said!
A great book to read when on holiday."
Peter Hodgson, Author of Crime Novels

About the book
Stuart lives in Spain and is the author of three books. His second book ‘They’re all foreigners abroad’ published by Pneuma Springs is about YOU on holiday. What is it that makes us Brits stand out from other tourists? Let’s face it; we British are not difficult to take the mickey out of whilst on our hard earned holiday. Observational humour is real humour and you are definitely within the pages of this book!.

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