A detailed story-by-story review of 'In All Probability' by Ami Blackwelder

"A Collection of Literary Entertainment"

The first story "Dead Eye" has a good flow to it, reminds me in the beginning of a short story by Mark Twain, the way the mundane details of the everyday become intriguing. the ending made me laugh a bit. Irony. Yet, I also enjoyed the way the sentences flowed in this story, Some short and some long confutation of words makes it flow naturally.

"Lightning Strikes Twice", the second short story, about a possible one time wonder musician has another shot at a record deal and a woman, but though he tries to runaway from his past, his past catches up to him eventually in the end. I enjoyed the witty humor in this one.

The third short, "The Lay-Off", told in first person, tells a story of an athlete, a soccer player, with poor luck. or perhaps just luck most of us have. Relatable and true, this was a joy to read.

"My Tune" about a father and his son, is not fully realized until the end, a common theme webbed in all of these author's shorts, full disclosure of the meaning is held to the last word.

"Older Not wiser" is an interesting tale about a boy suffering anxiety and his development into the 'real world'. Finally finding a girl named Polly, he almost feels 'normal', but in the end he is reminded of a flash from his past.

"If I could Bottle it" is another story in first person, an array mix of third person, first person stories, Steve Morris manages to keep each tale unique and page turning. In this story, sometimes the best inventions come back to bite you in the ass.

"All Around Us" Is a supernatural story in first person about a couple who take on too many photos. We all know what happened to the curious cat, does the same happen to the main character in this story?

"Life's too Short" Sometimes answers cause more problems, and just like in real life, this story hits the nail on the head.

"Shared House" A first person story, a tale close to a man's heart. The building of a house. what man doesn't enjoy a good tool and hammer? But more than a house, the reader will soon find the supernatural in the wood.

"Three Strikes and you're out" Is a short story many woman today can relate to, with themes of love and trying to find it:)

"The Best Days of Our Lives" If you love a good mystery or detective story, this is a great tale for you! Keeping you entertained by witty words and story, it was fun to read.

"Revenge on a Plate" Told in first person is filled with an ending humor to what revenge brings.

Better Late Than Never" Is great for all the bachelors out there:)

"The Brand New Colour" Is an intriguing tale verging on the science fiction. Showing that sometimes you can be right even beyond the grave. Always with humor, the author weaves a tale of truth.

"Dreamer" For Architects and Dreamers!

"Enchantment" Between the fantastic and enigmatic exists Lucien. A story hinting of the fantastical.

"Quiet Life" Is perfect for photography enthusiasts.

"Perfect" A great story about a single man in love. Most men could relate:)

"If Only" Another great story for single men on the look for a great woman:)

"Its An Ill Will" A first person commentary on the United Kingdom and mundane life.

"Let the Good Times Roll" If you suffer depression, you might not want to read this one:) Seriously, this is a good twist on government interference and the emotional state of humanity.

"Memories are Made of This" Another great story by Steve Morris with police relying on a device thought to trace memories, but in fact is sensing dreams...will the discovery be made too late?

"Potential Energy" War can take you far places and this story touches on just how far and just how much at home you can be.

"The Remainder" Doing a good thing is never without its rewards, or in this case, punishments:)

"Voices" For anyone who has had strange experiences in life, telepathy or the oddity here and there, this story might make you feel less odd:)

"Winston Churchill" Told in first person, the man awakens confused to find himself in a world he could not have expected. Is it really Winston? You will have to read it to find out:)

"Signal" Conspiracy theorists will love this one!

"Swansong" For dog lovers, a story about a pup and a guy named Darren, this is heart-felt and warm.

"Progress" If you have felt imprisoned in life and burdened with problems, needing escape, this short could be the story you need in our life. Told in first person, with hints of OCD, it is always the truth that remains fertile with humor and entertainment.

"Acquired Taste" A crack at the government and smoking laws and beyond. Another great commentary using wit, humor and truth.
Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder, Author of The Hunted of 2060
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  2. Ami Blackwelder is also the author of an energetic series of original sci fi novels.


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