"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY! It creates mixed emotions"

"I have had the privilege to read Aliens and Angels by Sue Hampton before many other young readers who I am sure are anxious to read. I do not want to give away much of the stories because I don't want to disappoint anyone in any way whatsoever. What I can say is as I started reading the book I straight away started to get into the first story, and then the second story called Not without a carrot. This story is based on a donkey called Trouble who doesn't do ANYTHING without a carrot, and oh my...the third story!!!! The third story is called Bootee for Etta. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY! It creates mixed emotions throughout the story. This story was based on a little girl called Etta who was left without her parents on Christmas. You will have to read the story to understand why it was such an amazing story. This book is a great book for young
readers or even as a gift for young keen readers on Christmas. It is coming out on the Thursday 26th September 2013. If you are looking for a special something for a child on Christmas, I suggest you go and buy this book in store. The colours and images of the book as seen in the image above are quite colourful and eye catching. It is for sale for £5.99. Visit www.suehamptonauthor.co.uk to find out more about this book. Great buy and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, cousins even brothers or sisters! I could easily read this book again."

Sophia Shah, 16. Comment on Published Bestsellers.com

About the book
Sue Hampton captures the spirit of Christmas with three warm-hearted stories full of humour, mystery and magic – starring a boy who’d rather be an angel than a globalob, a donkey called Trouble and a girl with a cracker-sized lamb. With illustrations by children from schools Sue has visited, this is a book to make you smile at any time of year.
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