...beautifully written with rich visual imagery, and they are full of humour and imagination...

"Sue Hampton is a well-known local writer with over 20 books for children and young adults to her name. Her latest book, Aliens and Angels, is a collection of three stories with a Christmas theme. Sue’s stories are always beautifully written with rich visual imagery, and they are full of humour and imagination. Her new collection makes us see three familiar aspects of Christmas in a different light. The first story is about a boy who wanted to be an angel in his school nativity play rather than one of the aliens, which all have to be clumsy, spotty and hop about with their legs tied together. Nobody can understand what the problem is or why he doesn't like his role. The second story is about an obstinate donkey with a passion for carrots whose owner loses patience with her and sells her to someone called Joseph. The donkey takes to her new owners at
once and starts working well for them, especially when she realises how much trouble Joseph goes to, to find her more carrots. She soon finds she has a very important job to do—taking Mary safely to Bethlehem. I liked the third story best because it had an unexpected twist and because it was about the familiar themes of family and loneliness at Christmas. It is a magical story about a little girl adrift without her family on Christmas Day. Everything starts out badly on Christmas Day but by the evening all is well and her wishes have been granted. Editor, Northchurch Parish magazine."
Editor, Northchurch Parish magazine

About the book
Sue Hampton captures the spirit of Christmas with three warm-hearted stories full of humour, mystery and magic – starring a boy who’d rather be an angel than a globalob, a donkey called Trouble and a girl with a cracker-sized lamb. With illustrations by children from schools Sue has visited, this is a book to make you smile at any time of year.
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