Joyous Pomp Romp!!!

A review of Pomp and Circumstances by Steve Campen, Radio Producer

The Review
"Love and marriage and what better backdrop than the biggest marriage, so far, this century. Sue really brings the whole day back to life again. Like many I was non-plussed about the Kate and William wedding but really rather enjoyed the whole event, much like this book, filled with teenage angst royal splendour and a touch of genuine love. Does it all end happily ever after? I suggest you read Sue's book to find out."
Steve Campen, Radio Producer 
About the book
On Royal Wedding Day, James is in no mood for romance after a disastrous date. But somewhere in the crowd celebrating at Hyde Park is a girl from a different background and postcode who could change his world. For five young Londoners, one day will bring panic, grief, conflict and risks worth taking.
Sue Hampton is the author of 'Pomp and Circumstances' and the soon-to-be-released 'Aliens and Angels: Three Stories For Christmas'
Paperback | Waterstones | Amazon UK


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