"Imaginative digest: The Cherrypickers Delight"

A review of John White's ‘Be Seated' by Harry Riley*, an author and a member of the Eastwood Booktown Development Group.

The Review
Short stories for the smallest room
"John White could easily have called this imaginative digest: The Cherrypickers Delight; because unlike a novel where the reader is obliged to follow each consecutive chapter in order to follow the plot, here it is a pleasure to dip in and out of each little tale or monologue as the mood suits. Whatever your taste you should find this book a welcome companion.
Several of the stories such as: Gladius and Over The Hills And Far Away are so intriguing they could each be the start of a novel in its own right.
My only criticism, if there is one, is that the book was read, cover-to-cover in too few sittings."

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*Harry Riley is based in Nottingham England, and writes novels, short stories, poetry and blogs. Retired from commercial printing, he rose from apprentice to director. He is married with two grown children. Harry is the author of three books: ‘Captain Damnation and other strange tales’, ‘Sins of the Father’ and 'The Laird of Castle Ballantine'


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