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Our Guest is Natalie Mason*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'Poems and Rhymes for all Times?
I am 35 years old and live in Stockport with my husband and two children.
I have enjoyed a variety of jobs over the years including being a sports coach in schools. I currently work as a beauty therapist. I find this works well with my writing and I can enjoy them both.

My book is a collection of poems touching on various aspects of life. It is about life and its various stages in general - there are a wide range of poems that all can relate to.

Q2. What provided the inspiration for you to write this book?
I have written poems for my family from a young age; however it was never my intention to write a book at first. I got my inspiration for writing through daily life. Also I am quite sensitive to what others are going through and this inspires me to write.

Q3. At what times in your life have you had ideas for a poem or found yourself writing most frequently?
I found myself writing more after my grandparents passed away. Once I stared, I couldn't stop. It was then that I realised my poems were turning into a book of poems. I found myself writing most frequently at night, I would wake up quite often during the night with a string of words that I just had to write down - otherwise I couldn't get back to sleep.

Q4. How has poetry helped you to inspire others?
Poems are naturally inspiring and I feel it is a good way to release emotions and lift spirits. People can relate the poems to their own lives and hopefully be encouraged.

Q5. How has poetry helped you in life?
Poetry has helped me to view life in a positive way and helped me never to take things for granted. Poetry has also aided my reading because I was never interested in reading at school, but I was able to read poetry because poems are usually short and enjoyable without having to remember characters or a plot.

Q6. What was the most challenging thing about writing this book?
The most challenging thing about writing my book was arranging the poems and getting the them to flow seamlessly when being read. This meant a lot of moving verses around, sometimes adding or taking words away.

Q7. What are your interests when you are not writing?
I love spending time with my family. I love to walk. I try to support the charity NSPCC by joining in with fund raising events. I also really enjoy my most recent job as a beauty therapist.

Q8. Describe how you felt when you first saw a copy of your published book?
I was very excited when I first saw a copy of my book. I got a bit emotional the first time I read it. Then I had moments when I questioned if I did write it, as if I didn't know where some of the words had come from.

Q9. What is the first thing you did to promote your book immediately after it was published and what are you currently doing to promote your book?
The first thing I did to promote my book was to put it on face book. This way all of my friends and family could pass it on. I am currently emailing various outlets and where possible I try to go into places with a copy of my book to show them.

Q10. If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you've used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?
I have found the most effective marketing tool to be myself. If I go to places in person and show my book I seem to get more feedback.

Q11. Do you do more promoting online or offline and which do you prefer?
I market my book online however I much prefer marketing it offline as I can see my results straight away.

Q12. Who will this book appeal to, what is its target audience?
My book will appeal to a large audience as there is something in it for all age groups. It is also easy to read and makes an ideal gift.

Q13. What would you like readers to get out of your book?
I would like my readers to get comfort, encouragement and inspiration from my book. My aim is for people to be more thoughtful before they judge and to show more respect for others.

Q14. Are you concerned about the effect of e-publishing on traditional books?
I am a little concerned about the effect of e-books on traditional books as I don't feel an author gets much credit for all of the hard work that goes into writing from an e-book when compared to a printed book.

Q15. What kinds of feedback have you received from your readers?
I have had really positive feedback from my readers. Most of whom have told me they have shed a tear whilst reading certain poems but then laughed as they read others. Some of my readers keep referring back to the book depending on what is happening in their life at the time.

Q16. What have you been up to since your book has been published, and what do you have in mind for the future?
I am continuing to find new ways to promote my book. I am currently building a gift card collection with some of my poems for special occasions. They are also going into outlets with my book. I have had a few ideas for a second book. I keep a note book by my bed...

Q17. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Don't force ideas or rush what you are writing. The best writing comes when you least expect it. Inspiration will come to you and you will know the time is right.

Thank you for your time. We wish you every success in your writing career.
*Natalie Mason lives in Stockport, Manchester with her husband and two daughters. She's written poetry from an early age for special occasions.
Natalie is available for interviews and to write feature articles as well as web chats and guest blogs. 

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