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Our Guest is Maggie Kindred*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1 Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'Training and supporting the care force'?
My career took me through teaching, social work and practice teaching.
Social carers generally are undervalued by society, and often undervalue themselves. So this book is about helping carers to recognise and value the skills they already possess, and develop these.
Learning should be fun, and can make all kinds of everyday experiences more interesting and rewarding.
Q2 Why did you write this book?
I committed myself a long time ago to producing sound practice-based material in a digestible style - particularly for carers, students who have had bad classroom experiences, and the non-academic.
Q3 What provided the inspiration for you to become a writer in the first place?
As an educator, I loved trying to make theory 'live'. As a worker, I loved the skill and commitment of care workers.  As a writer, I tried to bring both together.

Q4 What was the most challenging thing about writing this book?
I could go on for volumes, there is so much around! Selection for relevance, interest and 'shelf life' is therefore a real challenge.
Q5 What makes your book unique?
Open a search engine 'carers', and you will find plenty of information. Open my book and you will hopefully find a mini-open learning course.
Q6 What are your interests when you are not writing?
I enjoy socialising with friends, cycling, playing a bit of short tennis, reading (non-academic), and playing Scrabble with my husband Mike and daughter Cath in this lovely French setting.
Q7 What are you currently doing to promote your book?
* Contacting all social care courses in the UK
* Contacting all bookshops and libraries in the UK
What would I do without the internet!
Q8 If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you've used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?
Personal contact is best: attending conferences or face-to-face training. I can't do those now but wish I could.
Q9 Do you do more promoting online or offline and which do you prefer?
Online for the practicality.
Q10 Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
Good quality training is essential: here is a diy training course for 'people who care', inside the family, outside it, paid, or not - foster carers, residential, kinship, and home carers.
Q11 What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?
Tell others!  Employed carers are in a position to promote the book by using it as diy training, or taking it to conferences.
Q12 If you could change ONE thing about your book, what would it be?  Why?
I am never satisfied with anything I write, so ONE is a challenge.  At this moment 'compassion' is the ingredient which is lacking in care - so I'd shout it from my book's housetop.
Q13 What can we expect from you in the future?
I could say 'more of the same' and it would be true. But every living day changes what I think - my books will reflect this.
Q14 What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Concentrate on what you would want from a book yourself - that is what you'll do best..

Thank you for your time. We wish you every success in your writing career.
*Maggie's profession is teaching and social work; she holds Cert Ed and BA Social work qualifications and has published thirteen works.
 Maggie's particular interests are in group-work, communication skills, teamwork and producing sound practice-based material in a digestible style.
 Maggie is available for interviews, blogs and writing training material to order. 

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