A book that delivers some food for thought...

A review of 'OTOLI' by Theta Sigma, Resolution Corner blog.
"A book that delivers some food for thought... even for somebody who left school over twenty years ago." The Review Rating 4/5
"You know when you identify with a character in a book and say "I'm like him/her" or "I know what he/she feels like". Well, with this book I can genuinely say that to a point.
I initially found out about this book due to the author, Bryony Allen, becoming a friend through Goodreads and I became interested in the book's theme of bullying. The reason for this is because I am a bullying "survivor" (I prefer to use this term rather than "victim") who was bullied physically, verbally and emotionally throughout primary and secondary school.
The book is primarily seen through the third person points of view of main characters Alice and Keiran. Both characters are marginalised through bullying - Alice due to the actions of a school clique called "The Populars" and Keiran from his peers and parents due to his parents' desire for him to receive an education which caters to his intelligence...."
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Bryony Allen is the author of three books: 'Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector', 'OTOLI' and her latest - 'The Assembly Room'.

'OTOLI' is available in the following eBook formats:


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