A book trailer for 'Jack the Ripper - Through the Mists of Time'

Over a century ago a series of shocking mutilation murders took place in a squalid, overcrowded district of Victorian London. Five women fell victim to a man driven by rage and violent fantasy. The newspapers of the day gave him a chilling nickname, a name that evokes images of gas-lit foggy streets and a top-hatted sinister figure carrying a Gladstone bag. From the outset, the murderer attained almost mythical status merely by virtue of his name and his uncanny ability to avoid detection.
The legend of Jack the Ripper was born.

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Peter Hodgson is the author of two books: 'Critical Murder' and 'Jack the Ripper - Through the Mists of Time'


  1. Peter, you got a free plug on national radio for this erroneously in the intro to an interview about Playing Havoc.

    I've got my copy of Jack the Ripper through the mists of time though.

    Steve Morris

  2. Hello Steve

    Many thanks for the post. Could you tell me how the book got erroneously mentioned, please?

    Best of luck with Playing Havoc.

    Peter . . .

    1. I'll try to send you a private reply Peter.
      Good luck with Jack the Ripper.


  3. Hi Peter Hodgson how are you sir you did a really good job. I have both of your books.


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