Romantic flame kindled on Royal Wedding Day

Pomp and Circumstance
By Sue Hampton

Royal pomp lands five young Londoners in unforeseen circumstances. A strange, reckless day will bring panic, grief and conflict, and risks worth taking.

After a disastrous date with Eleanor, James wakes up to a house full of Royal Wedding fever. It may be a national holiday, but he’s in no mood for romance. His best friend Olly is anti-monarchy, but his loved-up parents are ready to party and his younger sister Faith sets off for Hyde Park to experience the atmosphere for herself.
Somewhere across the city, in the crowd that James does not want to be part of, is a girl from a different kind of postcode who could change his world..
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POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCES is Sue Hampton’s seventeenth novel.

“A spectacular rendezvous”

Genre: Fiction: Children’s and young adult
ISBN: 9781782281818
Publication Date: 11 October 2012
Edition/Format: 1st/Paperback & eBook
Book Size: 203 x 127 mm, 100pp

Sales and Distribution: Spring Leaf Books
Landline: +44(0)1322 377445 | Mobile: +44(0)7944 352237
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  1. This sounds like a great YA romance storyline. I shall add to my list of books to read.

  2. This is Sue's first one day novel and she pulls it off with style and wit. Very enjoyable.


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