A book trailer for Falconer's Novels - Traditional British Crime Detective

Looking for sophisticated and stylish entertainment to stimulate jaded brain-cells? LOOK NO FURTHER! Falconer is here with a top-rate whodunnit in the finest British traditions: urbane, cultured and witty.

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Julius Falconer is a mystery writer from Warwickshire and a former translator. He is a member of the Crime Writers' Association and retired teacher that writes detective stories that are clever, witty, erudite and stylish. The novels are a genuinely refreshing approach to good old murder mystery, a new style of penmanship for the hardened mystery fan.
He now divides his time between a cottage in central France and the house in Yorkshire which he shares with his daughter and her husband. As well as some booklets and several dozen papers in professional journals, Falconer is the author of the following murder mysteries featuring the diffident and cultured Inspector Wickfield.

Books by Julius Falconer: (These novels are available on Amazon Kindle and Google Play.  Soon to be released on Kobo.)


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