Neal James has been interviewed by Tracie McBride, Exquisite Corpse.

Q 1. You’re making an elevator pitch to your favourite movie director. Who is it? Which of your books are you going to pitch? Who do you envisage playing the lead roles? And what are you going to say?
This has to be Spielberg, and I’d pitch ‘The Rings of Darelius’. It’s a sci-fi epic still in manuscript form, and I’d give him the ‘heads up’ on its publication.
Lead roles would have to be people like Patrick Stewart as Admiral Charles Devereaux, Daniel Ratcliffe as John Bains, the hero, Michael Dorm as Maddran Chakk – it could go on forever, but I’d need actors experienced in the fantasy/sci-fi genres.
What would I say? Well, bearing in mind that he’s heard it all before, and that I would literally have minutes to do the thing, it could be something like
'Remember when you were an unknown and looking or that big break? Here’s my chance to pitch mine to you.’

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Neal James is the author of four books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One', 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and 'Threads of Deceit'.


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