Free eBook Promotion from Spring Leaf Books July 17 - 19, 2012 #Kindle #eBook #freebook

Spring Leaf Books has announced that the e-book edition of 'The Blake Curse' by I. C. Camilleri is free on Amazon from 17 - 19 July, 2012.
If you haven't picked up any of I. C. Camilleri's publications yet, this is a great opportunity to try one of them for free.

"A sweeping story of heartrending choices, fast paced suspense and more…"

The Plot:
Ben Blake - the British Intelligence agent brimming with gifts; intellectual genius, striking appearance, and a heightened sixth sense. He is embarking on his first undercover assignment.
Samantha Black - elusive, exquisitely petite and beautiful. Her cryptic past and deep secrets become firmly intertwined with Ben’s investigations, shredding his carefully thought out plan to bits.
Jake Snell -the young rugged Earl of Yorkley, the enigma, the rogue full of vices...but possessing abundant resourcefulness, creativity and determination. He is Ben’s only lifeline in this treacherous game.
 Spring Leaf Books...

“Hair-raising supernatural thriller”
Download, enjoy the read and consider reviewing the book on Amazon. Thank you.


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