Free eBook Promotion from Spring Leaf Books July 03 - 05, 2012 #Kindle #eBook #freebook

Spring Leaf Books has announced that the ebook edition of 'One Last Time' by Mark Beggs is free on Amazon from July 03 to 05, 2012.
If you haven't picked up any of Mark Beggs's publications yet, this is a great opportunity to try one of them for free.

The Plot:
David Munroe is disillusioned with his career and his life as a whole. The death of his wife leaves him floundering and to fill the void he finds a new love. His new love is costing him a lot, so he begins to borrow money from his employers without their knowledge.
On the verge of being caught and losing everything he holds dear in life, he has to find a way to repay the money in four weeks. He devises an ingenious plan and with incredible ingenuity and disguise he keeps the police on the wrong track and is all set to carry out one last job to clear the slate…just one last time!
Spring Leaf Books...

Amazon Kindle - One Last Time 

“An ingenious page-turner”


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