7 Ways to Get Your Book Reviewed

By Dana Lynn Smith*

The words “book review” often conjure up images of pre-publication reviews in major review journals like Publishers Weekly or Library Journal, but there are a variety of places to get book reviews throughout the life cycle of a book. Here are some examples:

1. Endorsements
Endorsements are recommendations solicited from subject experts, authors, celebrities and other well-known people prior to publication, and they are often used on the book cover and interior.

2. Critical Reviews
Traditional critical reviews appear in media such as book review journals, newspapers, literary magazines and other publications. These reviews may include a brief overview of the book and discuss what the reviewer liked (or didn’t like) about the book.

3. Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Often people who enjoy reading a particular book will post a review or a brief testimonial (recommendation) on sites like Amazon, Goodreads or Facebook, or even write a note to the author.
A customer review is a little longer than a testimonial and focuses more on the content of the book, rather than just recommending it. Hint: be sure to encourage customers to provide testimonials and reviews and make it easy for them.

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