Your Company, Your Product, Your Book - Extracts

By Jeff Kagan
E-Commerce Times
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A book can be a great marketing tool to hand out to customers and prospects as a summary, including several examples of success. You can share a few winning ideas, then deliver a compelling conclusion. And, of course, the last few lines always suggest that the reader or prospect call you if they would like to discuss further. This simple and less aggressive approach to sales is becoming very successful.
Some companies are interested in developing a book as a sales tool, and others to help them with positioning. Whatever the reason, as the marketplace gets louder, companies have to find new ways to break through the noise and reach the customer.
 Books help companies present themselves to customers in a very authoritative way. They also help executives position themselves as industry thought leaders. After all, not many executives and companies have written a book -- or have a book written about them.
 With a book in hand, it is much easier to get in front of prospects or be interviewed by the media, whether that means print, television, radio or the Web.

Imagine logging onto Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS), iTunes or many other websites and finding your book there for sale.
 Imagine selling your book and e-book to readers. What a great promotional tool.
 Now imagine being able to print copies of your book, at a low cost, to give away to your customers, your prospects, your workers, your investors, your partners, and so on.
 Your customers can buy a book from many online bookstores and have it delivered in days. Print on demand let's you sell and print one single hard copy at a time.
 Or they can download an e-book instantly and begin reading right away on their Kindle or Nook or iPad or computer or any other e-book reading device.
Your own book helps to raise you above your competition. You will become the industry expert.

If you would like to see your business idea transformed into a book and made available worldwide, we can recommend a Publisher  – Pneuma Springs Publishing.


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