Supporting the fight against breast cancer

‘Mammograms Saves Lives’ featured on the Breast Cancer Site.

The story:
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011. I have written my story in order to raise awareness and encourage every woman between the ages of 50 and 70 to go for a mammogram. In the UK, the NHS offers this service free to women every three years, but sadly, 25% do not take advantage.
After my mammogram, I received the devastating news that I had breast cancer. I felt well, had no symptoms, have never smoked, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly, so how the hell did I get this? There was no explanation, it can happen to anyone! The doctor couldn’t even find a lump and had to detect the tumour using an ultrasound."...

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Since its release some days ago, Avril's story has received 8366 ‘Likes’ on the Breast Cancer Site’s Facebook page.!/TheBreastCancerSite

"I am shouting this out loud: Mammograms Save Lives!!!"
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Avril Saunders is the author of Chasin’ That Carrot and the newly released book 'Mammograms Save Lives'


  1. Its really nice story. I will share this. Also I have liked your Facebook page.


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