Unveiled, a new book marketing & distribution initiative

'Spring Leaf Books' unveils a new website, SpringLeafBooks.com and an email marketing brand – ‘Book Springs’, specially designed for book lovers all over the world.

The new website is aimed at informing readers about tailored offers, reviews and interviews about their favourite books and authors.

Book Springs is a newsletter of Spring Leaf Books used for targeted book marketing and promotions. All book marketing campaigns are based on clear goals, good research, appropriate use of social media and trends within the industry of book subject, to achieve maximum exposure.

Springs Leaf Books is proud to be affiliated with PublishedBestsellers.com.

A spokesperson from Spring Leaf Books says:
“We recognise that there are many book promotion initiatives out there but we hope that our offer will provide authors with a unique selling point for their book(s). Spring Leaf Books and Books Springs are two book marketing and promotion initiatives that will effectively support authors’ book promotion drive before and after a book is released.”
Spring Leaf Books is a business unit of Pneuma Springs Publishing, an independent publisher, providing established and budding authors with publishing expertise since 2003.


  1. This sounds like a great initiative... excellent stuff.

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  3. That is great. I believe that learning from great authors can definitely improve ones writing skill. For instance, reading fiction from various publishers in the inspirational market has given me an education in what those publishers are looking for. This is valuable information for writers. It's all too easy to write for ourselves, but if our work is going to be marketable, we need to learn to write to meet the needs and desires of the publishers.


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