Gust’s Maze - Magical adventure of Gustav Grubbin

A magical and spellbinding children’s fantasy adventure
By Marcia Andrade

Felwitt is a place like no other; battered by heavy snow, covered by dark clouds, and completely isolated from the rest of the world, as a result of a curse that has fallen upon it. The dramatic events that have led to this are kept secretly hidden away. Despite the terrible ordeal imposed upon the villagers, they have learned, over centuries, how to survive thanks to their remarkable resilience and, most of all, their mysterious and precious gold.

Felwitt, however, is not a community free from problems, in particular when it comes to its most notorious teenager, Gustav Grubbin, known as Gust. Ironically, after an unexpected encounter with the village tramp, he is the one determined to find out the truth behind the village’s bizarre weather conditions.

What Gust discovers turns out to be more than he was bargaining for…

“A spellbinding story of friendship, heroism and redemption”

Genre: Fiction: Children’s and young adult
ISBN: 978-1-907728-29-7
Publication Date: December 2011
Edition/Format: 1st/Paperback
Book Size: 203 x 127 mm, 130pp


  1. I read this book sometime ago and it was a book that I really enjoyed reading , personally I'm not interested in reading much but this book was actually really good!

  2. A highly recommended read. The story is very nice and if you're into fantasy, you're bound to enjoy it too.

  3. Lovely book. Great action. You won't be disappointed. Grace.

  4. Best children's book I have read for some time. Jay.

  5. Great book. I do recommend it.

  6. Lovely book. Anyone can enjoy it. Dan.


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