Jack the Ripper - Through the Mists of Time

A well researched, entertaining and chilling exposé of the ‘real’ Jack the Ripper
Author: Peter Hodgson

Over a century ago a series of shocking mutilation murders took place in a squalid, overcrowded district of Victorian London. Five women fell victim to a man driven by rage and violent fantasy. The newspapers of the day gave him a chilling nickname, a name that evokes images of gas-lit foggy streets and a top-hatted sinister figure carrying a Gladstone bag. From the outset, the murderer attained almost mythical status merely by virtue of his name and his uncanny ability to avoid detection.

This book compares the fiction with the reality of those ghastly events, and clearly shows how the real killer has been transformed into a creature of the mind–the ‘other’ Jack the Ripper…

Author Peter Hodgson says: “…the reader is presented with an insight into the 'career' of this iconic criminal, and I offer a plausible solution to his identity.”

“Bone chilling revelation” …publishedbestsellers.com


  1. This sounds interesting. Might have to try this one out. I'm always astute when it comes to this case.


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