Wild Strawberries - Exhilarating true-life story of a war-time evacuee

War-time evacuee Derek Smith recounts his wild and exhilarating evacuee stories in a new book.

This is the true story of a nine year old boy who, at the height of the Birmingham blitz, is transported from his ‘all mod cons’ big city home to the safety of a house in a remote south Staffordshire hamlet, a mile and a half from nowhere, where he finds himself living in domestic and sanitary conditions that have remained unaltered for over a thousand years – the culture shock to end all culture shocks.

“…Writing this book was at times a strange experience, so intense were the memories that I often felt that I was that nine year old boy again. It was while in the country I was turned from city fool–into a country boy at heart” says author Derek Smith.

A poignant story of a young Brummie evacuated to the wild country-side during the Birmingham blitz

“Exhilarating true-life story of a war-time evacuee”


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