Losing My Religion - The Radical Message of the Kingdom

A bold and fundamental message about the Kingdom of God–skilfully tackled and powerfully delivered.  

This book arises from twenty five years of study and a passion to see people grasp the extent and significance of the Kingdom of God and to apply it in their own lives. This message is not an addendum to the gospel but is in fact the gospel.

“…From the provocative title through to the last page I challenge and inform the reader's understanding of the Kingdom of God and its implications in the here and now. This is not just a theological diatribe, but a reasoned and gritty analysis of what the kingdom of God actually is and how it affects our lifestyle, values and hopes” says Richard Bradbury.

A pertinent topic for all Christians.

"A central and pertinent topic, skilfully tackled with insight"


  1. Launch event being organised.Watch this space.

  2. New book is now available! let me know if you want a copy.

  3. Interview with me about this book at the following link:


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