Call Me Valentine

Derek Rosser’s exciting collection of true-life stories and childhood adventures from the inter-war years.

Born in the year 1930, the year the airship R101 made its final disastrous voyage – life was exciting but very different to that experienced by today’s youngsters and teenagers. I am sure that we enjoyed life rather more than our modern counterparts. Not the joys of violent video games and computers – but rather the simpler pleasures that come from exercising the imagination. As an only child, with the aid of half a dozen lead soldiers and a toy fort (made by my father from scrap timber) I conquered India and extended the boundaries of the Empire.

“…I have attempted, in this book, to give the reader an insight into the life and emotions of a boy born in the inter war years. The facts are a true reflection of those formative years...”
says Derek Rosser.

“Exciting true-life childhood tales from the inter-war years”


  1. I do hope that those of you that enjoyed my first book 'A Reluctant Recruit' will find this story of my childhood similarly entertaining. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  2. Well written and very enjoyable
    this book will give memories to those born at the same time and to those who are younger an insight into just how little children had to amuse themselves with in the 1930's. Life was tough but there was lots of harmless fun to be had.


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