A candid review of OTOLI. Have you been there?

A review of by Lubna Sengul*
20 May 2011

Alice Turner a social outcast finds solace from the bullying in a cafe called OTOLI and befriends the mysterious waitress Jenny, only to find that she has her own agenda.
OTOLI takes the reader on a very rapid and quick journey of bullying and potential consequences for the bully and the victim. I was able to get into Alice Turner's world of being a victim of bully and understand how she felt.
OTOLI is an excellent brief insight into how much hurt a victimised child feels and that name calling can unfortunately in some instance have devastating results.
This book should be bought by all schools and provided to pupils in the hope that this will reach a bully and allow them to asses their behaviour towards the bullied and the 'less social' students and allow them to change the way they behave.
I do however feel the ending was perhaps rushed and feel disappointed with how things turned out for Alice and Jenny.
Apart from this, a good read that allows the reader to reflect back on how others have been treated by them including myself.

*Lubna Sengul is currently a stay at home mum and a Freelance writer. In the past 10 years she’s had a successful career within Advertising/media industry, culminating in the position of Account Director for an advertising agency.


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