OTOLI - Have you been there?

By Bryony Allen.

A heart-rending story of bullying, friendship and revenge

Constantly bullied at school, social outcast ALICE TURNER went there to escape the bullying from the Populars. She is befriended by Jenny; an enigmatic waitress who seems to be stuck in the past.
As the Populars begin to reap the wrath of a faithful friend, suspicions build in Alice’s mind. Why does Jenny keep mementoes that are four years old? And why does Alice feel that she is to blame for the downfall of her enemies?
But friendship is a two-way deal as Alice soon discovers. After breaking her promise to Jenny, she faces a far worse foe than before. Alice is forced to make choices on which her future and that of others will depend; whether or not she knows it. Moreover, she will have to find courage to escape the ultimate bully – her best friend.

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“A poignant story of friendship, revenge and fortitude”

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of OTOLI will be donated to ‘Bullying UK’ (Part of FamilyLives)



  1. Hi all,

    Just to let everyone know you can read a sample of the first 3 chapters for OTOLI at http://www.freado.com/book/9650/otoli

    These are also linked back to my website Young Adult Fiction page and Journal.



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