The Guitar Man - A heart-tugging bitter-sweet love story

The Guitar Man by Maurice C Taylor

Set in Ventnor, a quaint seaside town on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, this bitter-sweet love story describes the lifetime of Chris and Penny from their childhood.
As the story unfolds from the early fifties, picturesque scenes from around the island are intertwined in their story of undying love and devotion, and recall features of those early days now long gone.
Times change for them as residents of “The Swan” and the heart is warmed by the happy times they share in the social atmosphere of the town pub, and torn by the grief they suffer with the tragedies that beset their lives.

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“A sweeping heart-breaking story of true love, devotion and pain”



  1. So pleased you decided to publish "The Guitar Man" This book is a must for romantic novel readers, I know having read the manuscript. Good luck with the release. Iris.

  2. Congratulations to Maurice taylor on writing this beautiful love story. Any person who has ever truly-loved a spouse or partner would find it hard not to identify with characters Chris and Pen and the intense love between them. The mixture of happiness and sadness that runs throughout the story is descriptive and keeps the reader wondering what will happen, next. And such a brilliant final chapter! - but of course I shan't spoil it by saying why! Well done, Maurice - I look forward to to the release ofyour next book.

  3. I love romantic novels and I think this Guitar Man is phenomenal. I'll get one for sure. By the way, I'm a guitar lover too.


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