You Gotta Read Videos - In All Probability

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You Gotta Read Videos: February 2011 Entry #11 In All Probability:

Title: "In All Probability"
Author: Steve Morris
Trailer Creator: Eloquent Enraptures

In All Probability features Thirty short stories based on some bizarrely backfiring scenarios. Each story is short enough to fit neatly into your coffee break or into the bus ride home.

"The themes of destiny, chance and kismet are fascinating ones..."
 (Country and Border Life Book Club)

"A succinct precise style"
(The Truth About Books)

"perfect for a quick read on a coffee break..." - - - "something to entertain even the most ardent of critics..."
( MMU Success magazine )

"readers will be beguiled by Morris's version of an everyday world where probabilities turn out to be different from the ones expected"
(The Short Review)

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