Same same, but different’ An incredible travel experience.

Sally Wootton releases a lively account of her incredible travel experiences to the most exciting places in the world - enlivened with breathtaking photos.

‘Same same, but different’ is an account of some of the most wonderful travel experiences in Greenland, Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Colombia; enlivened with breathtaking colour photos.

This book isn’t intended as a travel guide, or a novel, but is a way of sharing amazing experiences with others – those who have travelled and those who have yet to. But also to hopefully inspire those who’ve ever heard themselves say, ‘I’d love to travel’, but never thought they’d be able to, to realise that it is possible, if you really want it enough. “There is a beautiful world out there...what are you waiting for?”

Find out more…Same same, but different 

A breathtaking account of amazing travel experiences to the most exciting places in the world. …


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