A Ticket to Tewkesbury - A candid review by Nathan Weaver

I've been following James for a few years now, as he started out online sharing short stories. This was his first published novel, and I got my dirty paws on it and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. And even after reading it, I still grab it and read some here and there. It's a quick paced book, and treats its characters with respect.

It unravels with lots of twists and turns, and I found some of its humor to be very reminiscent of Hitchcock in his younger days. And actually, the whole story had a Hitchcock feel to it. Something Hitch wouldn't have minded making a movie, no doubt.

I strongly recommend it. It's an easy, intriguing, fun ride to "Tewkesbury" and back again.

And now I hear the sequel is in the works, which is good... because this book doesn't tie up all the loose ends--putting it lightly.

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  1. This one kept me at the edge of my seat all the way through.

    I just couldn't put the thing down once I'd started it.

    Locations were great, and I've actually been to some, so the descriptive text was very accurate.

    Great to find a book NOT full of bad language and gratuitous violence. The ending came as a complete surprise.



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