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"I sat in the audience at the James River Writers’ Conference last year where a panel of three well-known authors spoke on book marketing. They offered what I consider the secret to marketing your book.
After the authors held their discussion, they opened the floor for Q & A. An aspiring author asked a question which I’ll paraphrase. She asked, how much time did the authors spend on marketing their books and how much on their physical writing. The authors covered their microphones and whispered among themselves. They then nodded in unison. One of them leaned into his microphone and said, “seventy-five percent on marketing and twenty-five percent on writing.” The other two nodded their agreement.
A sudden hush fell over the audience. However, a hubbub soon rumbled around the room. I think everyone in attendance had the same question I did. “Really?”
The authors then went on to explain their collective comment, but each one agreed on the formula offered."

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Book Marketing Mondays: The Craft of Marketing The Official BookBuzzr Blog


  1. There are also "professional" book publicity companies seemingly springing up. Has anyone used the services of one?

  2. When dealing with book promotion/marketing companies it is advisable to use companies who get paid a percentage of sales rather than request upfront payment. Such companies are very rare however and are selective about the books or clients they take on. I can't think of specific names at the moment.


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